Household Magic Color Mushroom Lamp Decorations

Sale price$100.39
Color: Magic Mushroom LED Lamp G Type
Size: L

Enchanting and Multifunctional Design

The "Household Magic Color Mushroom Lamp Decorations" captivate with their enchanting design and multifunctional use. These lamps, shaped like whimsical mushrooms, add a touch of fantasy to any room, instantly enhancing the décor. 

Practical and User-Friendly

Beyond their aesthetic appeal, these mushroom lamps are incredibly practical. They function as gentle night lights, offering a soothing glow that helps children and adults alike feel at ease in the dark. Additionally, they can be used as mood lamps to set a relaxing or lively atmosphere depending on the occasion. 

Sustainable and Robust

The "Household Magic Color Mushroom Lamp Decorations" are designed with sustainability and durability at their core. Featuring energy-efficient LED technology, these lamps reduce power consumption while providing a longer lifespan compared to traditional lighting solutions.


  • Body Color: Multi
  • Material: Resin
  • Item Type: Table Lamps
  • Body Material: CrystaL