Mushroom Lamp LED Bedside Decor

Sale price$63.31
Color: Bronze

Whimsical Design

The Mushroom Lamp LED is more than just a bedside lamp; it's a delightful decorative piece that adds charm and character to any bedroom or nursery. With its adorable mushroom-inspired design, this lamp brings a touch of whimsy to your decor, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere.

Soft and Relaxing Illumination

Designed to provide soft and gentle illumination, the Mushroom Lamp LED emits a warm, comforting glow that is perfect for bedtime. Whether you're reading a book, nursing your baby, or simply winding down for the night, the soft light creates a soothing ambiance that helps you relax and unwind.

Adjustable Brightness

Customize your lighting experience with the Mushroom Lamp LED's adjustable brightness feature. With just a touch of the base, you can easily cycle through different brightness levels to suit your needs. Whether you prefer a subtle glow or a slightly brighter light, you can find the perfect setting for any occasion.


  • Design: Mushroom-inspired
  • Material: High-quality ABS plastic
  • Illumination: Soft LED glow
  • Brightness Levels: Adjustable
  • Power Source: USB rechargeable